Community and Mentoring for Herb-Ally Curious Women

Why HerbWiseWomen?

We bring women passionate about herbs together to connect and discover a whole new world. It is an earth centered, wise woman path that is transformative, nourishing and brings well-being to self, family, community and all life. 

The Results You'll Get

Our membership, community and courses are truly unique. With 50+ years of experience we know and understand the passion and drive to create an herb-filled, plant inspired life from the garden into the your kitchen and apothecary. That is why we focus on many ways for you to be successful on your journey.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of HerbWiseWomen:

  • Discover plants to nourish and build a foundation of health and well-being. The HerbWiseWoman path is a paradigm shift, where nature and the plants are our teachers. They lead, we follow and become the keepers of this wisdom.
  • Interact with like-minded women, strengthening your support network and deepening shared connections.
  • Experience a transformative journey that nourishes wholeness, promotes well-being and a profound connection to life.

HWW Core Membership Benefits:

  • NOURISH! A new member course: A foundation of health based on  nourishment, wholeness & well being
  • Explore a Plant of the Month & find a unique Plant Compendium: Discover Plants In the Garden, Kitchen and Apothecary!
  • LIVE Seasonal Celebrations: Community gatherings celebrating seasonal cycles and rhythms of the earth 
  • Seasonal Celebration Guide: The Three Treasures of Reflection for seasonal grounding and orienting, personal reflection & intention.
  • Coming to the Table: Interviews with HWW who love plants, nature & earth
  • Let's Talk Plants: live monthly gathering, Q & A, grow in the wisdom of plants
  • Resource Space: All member contribution. Resources to create an herbal life In the Garden, Kitchen & Apothecary
  • SongKeeper Project: Learn new songs to sing your life alive.
  • Spontaneous Plant Adventures and Pop Up Events
HWW's Medicine Making Course + Core Membership

Join EagleSong Gardener for Herbal Medicine Making from the ground up. Discover plants and practices to keep herbal medicine in people's hearts, hands and homes. Herbal medicine is people's medicine. Course is self paced with 14-lively pre-recorded videos plus handouts with resources and skill building exercises. Engaging! 

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