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Grow into an herb-ally confident woman 
Engage with herbs in the garden, kitchen and apothecary
Discover health and well being from the ground up
Connect with women from around the world

Seize the moment. Begin a heart changing, spirited adventure. 
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Herbs become part of everyday life. 
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What makes HerbWiseWomen unique? 
How is it different from other herbal courses & certificate programs? Listen below and discover a new way of learning, together!


HerbWiseWomen offers you a pathway to health & wholeness.

Expand and deepen your herbal knowledge.  Build confidence to care for your life, family, community and the earth.

Make safe & effective herbal preparations at home.

Enter a world of wholeness, possibility and transformation 

Meet women passionate about herbs 
 Create supportive connections & engage in lively discussions
Learn from our best teachers, the plants and earth...
 Enjoy an abundance of herbs and health in your daily life
Discover nourishment as a foundation of health
Take classes, ask questions, listen to women's stories
Receive mentoring in wise woman ways
Create your personal herbal compendium
Make Herbal Medicines
Meet new plant allies 
Plant Seeds 

Take a moment to listen to the story shared of Hawthorn and the young women! 


 Join HWW on this beauty path. Engage the green world. 

HWW Membership Benefits:

  • NOURISH! A new member course: A foundation of health based on  nourishment, wholeness & well being
  • Explore a Plant of the Month: In the Garden, Kitchen and Apothecary
  • LIVE Seasonal Celebrations: Community gatherings celebrating seasonal cycles and rhythms of the earth 
  • Three Treasures for Reflection: A journaling guide for seasonal intentions and reflections
  • Coming to the Table: Interviews of HWW around the world
  • Member Forum: Connect & share with other herb-ally curious members
  • Spontaneous Plant Adventures and Pop Up Events: Live streamed 

Take a Peak inside HWW! Enjoy this video from our Program, Plant of the Month, Calendula: In the Kitchen  

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